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Tianchang region as a result of the near future, on-line there were some empty aircraft company, to apply our company’s product information, these companies do not have entities (production base) only倒买倒卖welcome to use the unit to come to site visits, only anti-fooled.
Our enterprise will offer the high-quality products and competitive price to you. Sincere cooperative spirit and passional serving attitude is our ma...
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Address: Hebei Tianchang new road on the 10th Street Park
Mobile: 13905508979
Tel :0550-7027028
Fax :0550-7024034
Postal Code: 239300
Web site: www.lszj.com
E-mail: lszj@lszj.com
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  Tianchang green chemical auxiliary reagent factory of Anhui Province, was established in 1980. It is one of the domestic earliest series of products of organic titanium manufacturer. It integrates scientific research, produce and manage into the factory. The factory takes up an area of 10,000 square meters, have abou...