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Plastic granulating process rational choice
  When filling Masterbatch formulation determined Masterbatch granulation process is to determine the quality of an important factor in good or bad.

    (1) heating temperature heating temperature depends on the carrier resin softening point or melting temperature, carrier resin softening point or melting temperature higher heating temperature is higher, should generally be higher than the resin melting temperature of about 5 ℃. Heating temperature is too low resin can not fully melted, limited carrier resin can not be completely inorganic powder coated, the surface roughness Masterbatch intermediate particles appear empty, resins and inorganic powders into a uniform system can not. Heating temperature is too high, volatile additives like, screw shear stress to reduce inappropriate plasticization, the same impact on the quality of Masterbatch. Under normal circumstances, the temperature should be the maximum temperature of granulation, a district than the two low-temperature around 10 ℃, the three zones, four zones of temperature and the Second District is basically the same, from the beginning of the five regions of the nose until 5 ~ 10 ℃ according to the gradient decreased.

    (2) the speed of the host certain specifications for twin-screw extruder, the host decided to speed production, host the higher speed, greater output. Practice has proved that for any twin-screw extruder is not a better yield, the general control of the highest speed in the host 60 to 70 percent better. Speed is too large, complex particle residence time in the screw in small, naturally Plasticating bad. Speed should be the host and feed speed and granulator machine speed to match, otherwise there will be risk materials, or particles too large or too small, such as anomalies. Here is not a simple host speed or feed speed of a single issue. Macro sense, the host speed reflects the material from the host came out of screw speed, and the feed screw speed is a reflection of the host feed screw to screw the speed of transmission of materials. So pay attention here is the feed screw speed and screw speed host the issue of whether the match .1, when the feed screw speed relative host screw speed over an hour, host screw in materials not completely filled screw space, host screw, the material is relatively small, small load, then screw in the material presented is a low-pressure cut, amounting to less than good dispersion effect. (This can be seen, filler dispersed not only with the small molecule dispersant related, in fact, mixing and production processes and technology are closely related to factors such as .2, when the feed screw speed relative host screw speed is too large, the feed screw sent to the host Screw gap in the material, always too late to be sent host Screw, pelletizing water-cooled again, so the host screw gap in supersaturated, too late to send out materials in the huge extrusion, compaction, the four collision to find a breakthrough, this time the mouth or from a glass vacuum Road overflow, resulting in material or fiberglass I run back to feed, or even plug the vacuum. Under normal circumstances, the host control the speed at the highest speed of 60 ~ 70% better, the actual on consideration of the host is too high a speed that is the case, and the low speed is 2 console, and this reality should be regarded as the production of abnormal, of course, which may also involve a number of other issues, such as excessive speed (100% maximum speed of the host), the machine high-load operation, may reduce the life of the machine and so on.

    (3) the use of pumps and vacuum pump is used to adjust the temperature screw device, unless the temperature is too high in a particular region, under normal circumstances should be shut down valves, can save power consumption, as long as the district a reasonable temperature regulation, water pumps can not. Vacuum pump is used to exclude low-volatile components of devices, are generally used for grafting reaction or starch filled masterbatch production. For the production of inorganic filler powder Masterbatch, it would be better not to use or less. Vacuum materials easy to suck out the additive, the impact of Masterbatch in the matrix resin molding dispersed or processing.